Bridging the Education Gap for Syrian Refugee Children

For nearly five years,
the crisis in Syria has fallen most heavily on the smallest shoulders. Across the region, about three million Syrian children are not in school today. In Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey—countries of first refuge-communities have generously opened their classrooms to Syrian children, but the level of need continues to vastly outstrip resources.

To close this gap,
we must expand access to quality education and all that it requires, including curricula, records, accreditation, trained teachers, language support, academic records, and a sense of belonging and safety.

There are no silver-bullet solutions.
The technical and political challenges that prevent children from going to school are vast and varied, but they are also surmountable. Education, technology, and philanthropic communities have a critical role to play in tackling these challenges by designing solutions focused on the end-users: refugee children themselves.